We invite you to volunteer with TEDxCasey

TEDxCasey is a not-for-profit bringing TED talks to our community under licence from TED.  Find out more about TED

TED’s mission is to bring ideas that matter to the world. All speakers and organisers of TEDxCasey are volunteers who care about our community and bringing ideas that matter to the stage of Bunjil Place.

Want to find out more? Register to attend our Volunteer Information and Planning Meeting on the morning of Saturday 14th November.

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Help us grow

Be part of our marketing and ambassador support team to help us spread the word so that no one in Casey says. “TED? Who’s Ted?”

Audience Experience

Be part of our Audience Experience and On The Day team to make TEDxCasey events welcoming, fun and engaging events.


Be part of our Sponsorship team to help us to generate enough financial support to keep ticket prices low and have great guest experiences.

Techy Team

The tech team is responsible to marketing sure that the talks are recorded and edited well to maximise the profits for speakers.

Our Volunteer Roles
Current Volunteers and Roles to fill

Current Core Team
Core roles to fill
On the day team
TEDxCasey Team Structure

Our Volunteer Team

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