Vicki Macdermid

Vicki Macdermid explores how as social organisms it is essential to engage in personal face-to-face interactions for our own health & wellbeing and that of society.

Vicki has developed a unique program where she invites participants to engage with horses to understand trust, respect and being fully present. This approach coupled with experiential learning helps the individuals to develop their own ability to connect, ability to explore empathy and their own self-awareness. 

The horses have played a pivotal role in her personal life and has compelled Vicki to share what horses have taught her. Vicki leads in the area of “What Horses Teach us about Leadership”, at her core she brings an innovative entrepreneurial mindset.

It is our humanness and ability to adapt that will make the difference to our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for individuals, teams and organisations. Horses help us to recognise and build our individual, team and organisational EQ, accelerating the learning process and climbing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Adopting leaderful behaviours requires the ability to recognise what is important to others, the impact we have and how we can invite others to join us to achieve active participation. This challenges the outdated notion of command and control and requires self-awareness in environments that are both familiar and unfamiliar. In today’s technologically advanced world, and one which will continue to shape the way we live and work, it will be even more crucial for us to connect with each other.

Engaging with horses demonstrates what real leadership looks (and feels) like.

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