The power of why

The Power of Why

The power of why

2019 TEDxCasey Speaker Bill Holmes shares his passion about preventing mistakes. People make mistakes. The good news is that to some extent the way we make mistakes is predictable. You can make better choices, when it matters, by using the power of why.

In his talk The power of why Bill Holmes talks about predictability of making mistakes and shares his insights for how you can prevent mistakes by switching off automatic intuitive thinking sometimes.

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019.  

The benefit of intuition is that it is quick. But the anxiety comes from the fact that it can lead to damaging mistakes. If you have an important decision use the power of why to move to a more conscious way of thinking.

Philippe Guichard

Re-designing our world. Small change = big impact.

Philippe thinks that we can do better, be better and change the way to design and consume. All we need is a mind-shift.

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How can data empower well being

How can data empower wellbeing?

In his TEDxCasey 2019 Talk How can data empower wellbeing Pranav Mahajan shares his ambitious program to measure the unmeasurable and provide us all with a wellbeing index

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Dheeren Velu

Get some skin in the game

Artificial Intelligence has the power to fix some of society’s most pressing problems, but like all new technologies raises concerns. Dheeren is adamant that our fear must not overtake our vision.

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Lana Johnson

Wellbeing Contagion

Lana will be sharing how to infect others with well-being and create well cultures in our life-work-study-play circles.

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