The dark and light of social media

The dark and light of social media

The dark and light of social media

2019 TEDxCasey Speakers Farzana Qasimi shares her view on how we can choose between the dark and light of social media.  

In her talk the dark and light of social media at TEDxCasey 2019 Farzana Qasimi shares how she has made choices to tame the impact of social media in her life.

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019. 

Social Media isn't so dark. In reality it has become a reflection of our darker side.

The power of why

The Power of Why

Bill Holmes shares his passion about preventing mistakes. People make mistakes. The good news is that to some extent the way we make mistakes is predictable. You can make better choices, when it matters, by using the power of why.

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Evita March

The best tool to combat cyber abuse

Dr. Evita March will be presenting her research that has led to the finding that the increase on cyber abuse can be explained by a lack of a crucial humanistic trait. She will present tools to combat and cure this growing social cancer.

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space is for everyone

Space is for Everyone

Henry Wu takes us on a journey to space. Are you interested? You should be. Henry will explore the earthly possibilities of space and the impact on our daily lives.

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