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TED Circles are a global initiative of TED to help connect communities around the world to have meaningful conversations on universal themes such as

Visit the find a circle page to explore past themes – https://www.tedcircles.com/#find-a-circle

What are TED Circles all about?

TED Circles is an open community of small groups that engage in conversations about big ideas.

They are hosted by volunteers, Circles watch and discuss a TED Talk about the monthly theme.

We can share takeaways online to consider each other’s perspectives and create a global conversation. That conversation needs everyone so we hope you join as as a guest or consider being a host for more dates and times and discussions in our region.

Circles can take place in-person and online so they are helping communities stay connected, especially now.

Go to the TED Circles site to view a video on how Circles work and why TED believes in them.


Are they recorded?

No. TED Circles are discussions that occur in the moment. You need to be there to enjoy the experience. Perhaps sometimes something may be produced or shared as a result of the event but the main discussion is not recorded.

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