Wellbeing Contagion

Wellbeing Contagion

2019 TEDxCasey Speaker Lana Johnson shares an uplifting message of wellbeing contagion. Together we can reverse the lifestyle disease trend that is killing one out of every three people in the western world.

In her talk Wellbeing Contagion Lana Johnson talks about how to infect others with well-being and create well cultures in our life-work-study- play circles. An engaging facilitator, Lana Johnson, is driven by a fascination with building momentum for change and a desire for greater well-being for future

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019.  

Just as we can spread negative emotions we can also spread positive emotions. Enthusiasm and Joy! They're contagous!

Mark Carter

Paws and effect: How teddy bears can expand your value perception

Mark will encourage the audience to see value beyond the obvious, providing them with a real, practical and replicable model that will spike their filters and help to keep their mind and perspective in receiving new ideas, wide open.

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