Learning from the 50%

Learning from the 50%

Learning from the 50%

In their TEDxCasey talk four students from Nossal High School, Amy Chu, Rakshitha Rao, Rhiann Thomas & Jennifer Ding talk about their experiences of second generation migrant Australians and how their experiences shape community views.

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The 50% referred to in Learning from the 50% is the 50% of Australians who have an international heritage.

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019.  

Australia is a land of Stories. Australia is also a land rich with culture. Story telling is essential in keeping culture alive.

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Mark Carter

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Mark will encourage the audience to see value beyond the obvious, providing them with a real, practical and replicable model that will spike their filters and help to keep their mind and perspective in receiving new ideas, wide open.

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Evita March

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