breaking the stereotypes

Breaking the Stereotypes

Breaking the Stereotypes

2019 TEDxCasey Speaker Danyal Diallo shares his understanding of the negative power of stereotypes and how to break their power over you.

In this TEDxCasey 2019 Talk Danyal Diallo shares a powerful story of how the perceptions of others can shape our sense of self. He shares his journey of realisation that our own excuses hold us back from reaching our full potential.

I simply refuse to let my limitations, be it physical or through racial stereotyping, to stop me from living my best life.

Mark Carter

Paws and effect: How teddy bears can expand your value perception

Mark will encourage the audience to see value beyond the obvious, providing them with a real, practical and replicable model that will spike their filters and help to keep their mind and perspective in receiving new ideas, wide open.

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