We are looking for a Super Stage Manager

Role Available 

About the Role

This role requires someone who is able to juggle many competing calls on their attention and keep calm under pressure.

Working closely with our Licensees our Stage Manager is a key person on the day of events to make sure that what is supposed to happen on the stage does.

For our main event you’ll work closely with  Bunjil Place technical staff on event day, be responsible for managing the stage directions and schedule and work with the other members of the On the Day team and our speakers. 

About Our Stage Manager

You are a detailed person who can juggle competing calls on your attention, prioritise and work with others in a time focused way.

You may have some technical skills or interest in staging events but the most important skill is the ability to solve problems, call on help when needed and keep calm under pressure.


Other Roles in the TEDxCasey Leadership Team

Stage Manager

The TEDxCasey Stage Manager is responsible for making sure that the show goes on seamlessly from behind the curtain on the main stage.

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Joanne Law

Joanne Law is heading up the curation team for TEDxCasey 2019. The role includes being part of the team selecting the speaker, helping them to prepare and supporting them from the wings on the the day of the event.

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