Stacey Mubaira

About Me.

Stacey Mubaira

Mental Health doesn't have a gender.

My name is Stacey Mubaira. Stereotypes about men are not being challenged as much as they should be.

I am a year 10 student at Donvale Christian College. I will be talking about what you can do to help men experiencing mental health challenges.

I was born in Africa. Social inequity,  prejudice and biased behaviour towards individuals is a concept I can empathize with. Hearing about male peers troubles without an effective support system is not acceptable and I want to do something to help. 

Why does your idea matter to you?

I can emphasise with discrimination

Men face steriotypes that are harmful and prevent them from displaying vulnerability or confessing their struggles to one another.

How would you describe yourself?

Energetic and Vibrant

Words like competitive and driven spring to mind as well.

I consider myself an optimistic person who prefers to see the plus side of most situations. I intend going to university and pursue a career in law, eventually becoming an environmental or commercial lawyer.

How does who you are contribute to what you want to share?

The issue men face resonates with me

I want to speak up for issues that I believe are truely important. I'm passionate about helping to create a future where men's mental health issues can be discussed openly without stigma, prejudice or laughter so that men don't have to hide their emotions and fear appearing less "manly".

TEDxYouth@Casey 2021 Speakers

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