#LoveCasey Promotion

Want to be a sponsor and get involved but have questions? 

#LoveCasey #TEDxCASEY






Businesses in Casey


Community Members and growing


Can we participate more than once?

Yes. You can be part of the promotion as often as you want. 

Why do I have to pay $100 to participate ?

Running amazing TEDx events costs money and it is through sponsorship and promotions that we cover the costs.

Can we give a discount voucher ?

No. The prize needs to be a prize that  the winner for you prize can use without any strings attached.

What if we would like a larger role?

We have opportunities for you to partner with TEDxCasey to create Audience Experiences and provide give aways and other surprises on the day of our event.

Does my business have to be based in City of Casey ?

No. If you do business in  Casey (or want to) and would like to be part of the #LoveCasey promotion we welcome your contribution.

What if I have more questions ?

Contact Us if you have any other questions.  We’re open to ideas to partner with local organisations.

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