Sarah Randall

About Me.

Sarah Randall

Mental health doesn't have a gender.

My name is Sarah Randel. When I see an Injustice I refuse to sit by and let suffering happen.

I am a year 10 student at Donvale Christian College. I will be talking about what you can do to help men experiencing mental health challenges.

Struggling is natural and bound to happen to everyone at some point however a lack of help and the lack of platforms to raise these struggles is not natural. It is something we can and must change.

Why does your idea matter to you?

Men Matter too!

I believe that there should be equality for men and to have male mental health struggles spoken of more frequently, naturally and compassionately.

How would you describe yourself?

Multi Faceted

I can be intelligent, competitive, sporty, compassionate, kind, caring, quite and loud.

Since I was 10 I have wanted a job in health and medicine and being able to specialise in working with children would be a dream come true. I'm drawn to Occupational Therapy with children as a future career.

How does who you are contribute to what you want to share?

I'm not one to sit back and let suffering happen ...

when I see males who struggle and don't get help, it makes me sad, almost mad. It is a stirring in my heart, a passion and my purpose to be the voice for men who feel they can't speak up for themselves.

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