Re-designing our world

Re-designing our world. Small change = big impact.

Re-desiging our world. Small change = big impact.

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In his talk Re-designing our world. Small change = big impact Phillipe Guichard shares his vision for the future and seeks to change the story being told about the worlds environmental challenges from one of doom and gloom to one of hope and empowerment.

Philippe is an Industrial Designer. His mission: to change the world one product at the time. Philippe designs for the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet, and profits. Four years ago, Philippe wanted to follow an International Designer that would talk about thoughtful design, the environment and social impact. He searched TED talks, and other platforms, in vain. He couldn’t see anyone.

Then, suddenly, the weather changed and it changed the light in his office, and he suddenly saw his face in the monitor. He was horrified. He is a self-proclaimed introvert spending the last twenty years behind a computer. But the values Philippe has are beyond himself. So, he started training (toastmaster, Professional Speaker Australia) so that I could speak in front of an audience and more importantly to have an impact. Philippe’s talk will highlight opportunities do to better, be better and change the way we design and consume.

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019.  

We can design today a better world for tomorrow.

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