#LoveCasey Sponsorship


#LoveCasey business nomination.  Use this form if you would like to contribute a prize to the #LoveCasey competition.

The fee to participate is $100.

That makes you the sponsor of one prize. It does not include the cost or value of the prize. We recommend that the prize is related to the products or services you sell. 

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What is the #LoveCasey Promotion?

#LoveCasey is a promotion to give businesses large and small, established and brand new an equal opportunity to be part of TEDxCasey and engage with the amazing people who support TEDxCasey events.

How can I get involved?

Use the “shopping cart” to register your contact information and how involved you want to be in the promotion.

Minimum cost $100 in cash and a promotional prize valued at $50 or more.

If your business wants to contribute a prize every month leading up to TEDxCasey 2020 Insight it would cost $300 plus the prizes.

The best prizes are made up of something your business does but if you don’t have something appropriate you can offer a gift basket, voucher to a local restaurant or an even more interesting experience.

Prohibited industries

Companies whose primary business are the following are not able to sponsor TEDx events

  • Adult-oriented products/services
  • Tobacco/cigarettes
  • Weapons, ammunitions and defence


#LoveCasey sponsors will be recognised on our social media channels, this website and on a banner at the TEDxCasey 2020 Insight Event.

We will be encouraging sponsors to present the prizes to winners in person whenever possible and share your #LoveCasey and #TEDxCasey tagged photos to add to our photo gallery.





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