Licensee - Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna is co-licensee of the following TEDxCasey events

  • TEDxCaseySalon – Housing Security in the 21st Century (March 2020)
  • TEDxCaseyYouth (March 2020)
  • TEDxCasey 2020 Insight (May 2020)
  • TEDxCasey Two Hands (2019)
 Paul is a passionate supporter of the TEDx movement and has been licensee of a number of TEDx Events.

He attended TEDFest New York in 2017 and TEDxTaipeiWeekend in 2019. He brings a depth of understanding about the TED and TEDx talk process.
He also uses his skills as an experienced lawyer to keep up on track and compliant with the TEDx licence obligations!

About the Role

The licensee applies to TED for permission to run TEDx events in our community. To run events with more than 100 people a licensee must have been to a TED conference or a TEDFest event.

Their role is to oversee the event and make sure that the rules that TED imposes to protect the brand are followed.

Working closely with the teams that coordinate Curation, Sponsorship, Marketing and On The Day the licensee has to make sure that everyone understands the rules as well as the vision and objectives for TEDxCasey.

About Our Licensee

In addition to his governance role, Licensee Paul Kenna is leader of the Techy team helping to develop the skills and competence of the team members responsible for recording events.

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Audience Experience Coordinator

Our Audience Experience Coordinator will be a confident, outgoing person who is excited about the concept of co-designing an amazing audience experience for TEDxCasey events. You are a team player who has the capacity to take ideas, work with others and manifest them into audience engagement and fun experiences.

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