Mediation Institute

Mediation Institute is on a mission to end family violence and abusive workplace behaviour. It’s a big job, so we’re hard at work training and supporting dispute resolution professionals throughout Australia and the world. Mediation, at it’s best, is a process where people involved in disputes are empowered to solve their own problems, rather than relying on lawyers and judges to make decisions about their lives for them.

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We believe completely in the power of talking, sharing points of views and exploring differences in a respectful way.

When a common understanding and a shared vision is established, the magic of collaboration can happen. Collaboration can transform disputes into new opportunities and bring different people together to change the world (for the better).

That is why we are passionate supporters of TED and TEDx.

The team at Mediation Institute are working against the tide of prejudice, intolerance and disrespect that gets too much attention by helping to bring to the TEDx stage the visionaries in our community with ideas worth spreading.

We are proud to sponsor and support the very first TEDxCasey and support the “Two Hands” theme which for us talks about practical applications and collaboration.

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