Major Sponsor: Federation University, Berwick
5th December 2021

TEDxCasey Re Imagine 5th February 2022

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TEDxYouth@Casey 2021

This event will be made possible due to the amazing support of Federation University in Berwick.

Event Date: 5th December 2021

Time: 1 – 3.30 PM

Cost: Free event 

To ensure an inclusive event TEDxYouth@Casey 2021 has moved to an online event. 

TEDxYouth@Casey 2021

TEDxCasey 2022

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You can get involved in four main ways with TEDxCasey. 

  • Become a Sponsor and help us put on a hell of a show! 
  • Volunteer to help us plan and run our events
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Our next main event will be in January 2022.

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Mubashir Shar

Muhammad Mubashir Shah is a speaker at TEDxYouth@Casey 2021 and will be sharing his insights in the 2021 TEDxYouth@Casey event.

TED Circles

TED Circles February 2021 is on the theme of Our Memories. Join the global conversation.

TED Circle

TED Circles January 2021 is on the theme of intergenerational learning. What can you contribute to our discussion?

TED Circles

TEDXCasey runs TED Circle events online to provide the opportunity to come together to discuss ideas that matter.


TEDxCasey speakers are as diverse as our community.


TEDxCasey Sponsors help make our events possible.


TEDxCasey volunteers gift us with their time to bring our events to life.

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