Lily Cameron

About Me.

Lily Cameron

The Gift of your Insecurities.

My name is Lily Cameron. I want to share my insights into the power of Vulnerability.

I am a year 10 student at Donvale Christian College. I will be talking about why we shouldn’t be hiding parts of ourselves that are unchangeable. 

 I want to share my insights about how we can change our perspective on the things we feel insecure about. There is power in vulnerability.  

Why does your idea matter to you?

I have come to understand ...

the power that fully accepting myself, even my imperfections. I want to share my insights with others about how to accept what you cannot change about yourself.

How would you describe yourself?

Determined and Creative

I love listening to people and making them feel comfortable. I seek out inspiration and adventure and am willing to step up as a leader.

I hope to become a paramedic and would love to experience work on a mercy ship.

How does who you are contribute to what you want to share?

I have a growth mindset

I seek new knowledge and am willing to be vulnerable about my own insecurities. I think having the social awareness and compassion for people motivates me to want to share solutions as to how we can look at some of our insecurities differently.

TEDxYouth@Casey 2021 Speakers

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