Learning from the 50%

Learning from the 50%

Learning from the 50%

In their TEDxCasey talk four students from Nossal High School, Amy Chu, Rakshitha Rao, Rhiann Thomas & Jennifer Ding talk about their experiences of second generation migrant Australians and how their experiences shape community views.

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The 50% referred to in Learning from the 50% is the 50% of Australians who have an international heritage.

This talk was given at a TEDxCasey 2019.  

Australia is a land of Stories. Australia is also a land rich with culture. Story telling is essential in keeping culture alive.

Evita March

The best tool to combat cyber abuse

Dr. Evita March will be presenting her research that has led to the finding that the increase on cyber abuse can be explained by a lack of a crucial humanistic trait. She will present tools to combat and cure this growing social cancer.

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Wellbeing Contagion

In her TEDxCasey 2019 talk Wellbeing Contagion Lana Johnson talks about how to infect others with well-being and create well cultures in our life-work-study- play circles

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Vicki Macdermid

Connection and intention through Horse Power

Vicki will open our minds to the power of influence that can be learnt from a surprising source and give us the tools to harness that power.

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How can data empower well being

How can data empower wellbeing?

In his TEDxCasey 2019 Talk How can data empower wellbeing Pranav Mahajan shares his ambitious program to measure the unmeasurable and provide us all with a wellbeing index

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Henry Wu

Space is for Everyone

Henry will be taking us on a journey to space. Are you interested? You should be. Henry will explore the earthly possibilities of space and the impact on our daily lives.

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