TEDxCasey Main Stage

Evening Sessions

The main stage event will start at 7 pm on Sunday the 28th April 2019.

If you have been procrastinating on buying your tickets it’s time to stop, click on the booking link and get it done!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the audience of the first ever TEDxCasey and experience the wonder that is TEDx and these amazing speakers who will leave you with the understanding that the future is in your two hands.

You have the power to make tomorrow better than today. Come along to find out how!

TEDxCasey Session One

Sun., 28 April 2019 – 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm AEST – Add to Calendar
Bunjil Place – Function Centre – 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren, VIC 3805 – View Map

Speakers in order of presentation.

Tedx Youth Event 2019

Tedx Youth Event 2019

Meet some of our brightest and innovating young people as they share fresh ideas and approaches to existing and future problems which will determine how we will exist and survive in the decades to come. Register your free pass to attend the TedxCasey Youth Event.

Sun., 28 April 2019 – 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm AEST – Add to Calendar
Bunjil Place – Function Centre – 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren, VIC 3805 – View Map

Nicki and Jakem

Nicki and Jakem talk about why schools need to teach life skills


Matthew is talking about “Good Man versus Real Man” and how identity pressure is harming men.

Naomi + Priya

Naomi and Priya are talking about Intersectional Feminism and why it is relevant to you.


Pranav is talking about “What is holistic wellbeing and how can we measure it?”

Amy + Rhiann + Rakshitha + Jennifer

Amy, Rhiann, Rakshitha and Jennifer are talking about “Learning from the 50%”


Michaela is talking about “Overcoming the stigma around mental illness”


Farzama is talking about the “Dark and Light of Social Media”

Xingtong + Yebin

Xingtong and Yebin are talking about “Is beauty equal to happiness?”


Danyal is talking about “Breaking the Stereotypes” and his attitude of no excuses.

Saurabh + Ken

Ken and Saurabh will be talking about AI and youth unemployment and how work is changing

This April, TEDxCasey will inspire you to believe in the impossible and delight you with stories of achievement on a local or global scale. Bolstered by a theme of community empowerment, emblazoned as ‘Two Hands’, those taking the stage will offer a unique tale of mammoth success (or failure) or a trend-setting idea poised to affect real, positive change. And audience members will be there to witness all of it. TEDxCasey will also be held over three sessions, one in the afternoon with a focus on youth, and two on the main stage later in the evening. To be held on 28 April 2019 in Bunjil Place’s magnificent theatre.

Easter Egg Hunt Competition

TEDxCasey Youth Art Competition

TEDxCasey Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter from the TEDxCasey family! To celebrate the season of chocolate hangovers, we are giving away two tickets to TEDxCasey on 28 April 2019.

We have hidden a few Easter Eggs on some of our partner websites. All you need to do is find them using the clues provided!

Once you find all three eggs, simply copy and paste the website URL into the entry form below and you will be in the running for this amazing prize. Winners will be announced on Facebook on Monday 22 April 2019.

Happy Hunting!

A friendly hint: All the clues you need are hidden in the questions and Google will be your friendly navigator.

Make sure you are familiar with, and agree to the competition’s Terms and Conditions (located below) before submitting your entry form.

Competition Questions

So that we can get in contact with you if you are successful, enter your contact details below.

Once you've found the Easter Egg, copy and paste the URL of the website you found it on beneath its clue below.

Terms and Conditions

1. 1. Entrants must live in the City of Casey

2. 2. TEDxCasey will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any person while participating in the competition.

3. 3. Entrants may not submit more than one entry.

4. 4. Entrants must submit three correct URLs to be eligible.

5. 5. Entrants must complete all of their contact details to be eligible.

6. 6. Entries must be submitted by Sunday 21 April 2019 at 11.59 pm.

7. 7. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Update from the TEDxCasey Curation Team

It is only one month to go before TEDxCasey hits the stages at Bunjil Place so don’t miss out.

Our main stage speakers have been hard at work developing their talks and with another month to polish them to a high sheen they are going to awe, inspire and amaze you!

Our session one speakers are no less inspiring.

In fact they may be even more inspiring given their ages ranging between 15 and 18 years old.   

The curation team have had the pleasure of working with these wonderful young people to help them turn their ideas into talks worthy of the TEDx Stage. 

This is a free session so book now. We only have 200 places for this session.  

Hear from Dr Evita March

Dr Evita March

Evita will be sharing her research findings with insights on how to turn online trolls back into empathetic human beings.  It’s not as impossible as it sounds!

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Evita March

The best tool to combat cyber abuse

Dr. Evita March will be presenting her research that has led to the finding that the increase on cyber abuse can be explained by a lack of a crucial humanistic trait. She will present tools to combat and cure this growing social cancer.

Read More »

Mark Carter

Paws and effect: How teddy bears can expand your value perception

Mark will encourage the audience to see value beyond the obvious, providing them with a real, practical and replicable model that will spike their filters and help to keep their mind and perspective in receiving new ideas, wide open.

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TEDxCasey Video Competition Terms and Conditions

TEDxCasey Video Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. TEDxCasey will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any person while participating in the competition.
  2. Video’s may be used for TEDxCasey future promotional purposes including advertising and publications, both printed and electronic formats. Submitted videos may or may not be used.
  3. TEDxCasey will hold a non-exclusive license to use the videos.
  4. Videos must be in MP4 format and uploaded in a way that will allow a link to be shared in your application form. You will not be able to upload the video to this website.
  5. Individuals (adults) prominently featured in videos must have freely agreed to participate.
  6. Individuals (children under 18 years) prominently featured in videos must have the written consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  7. Videos must be a maximum of 2 minutes in length.
  8. Entrants may not submit more than one entry. A representative must be nominated if your video is a team effort.
  9. Entries must be the original work of the person or team submitting the entry and must not breach anyone else’s copyright.
  10. TEDxCasey is not liable for any breach of copyright by the entrant.
  11. Each application submitted must be accompanied by a separate entry form and may only be submitted using the TEDxCasey Video Competition Submission Form and not via email or any other method.
  12. Entries must be submitted by Sunday 14th April
  13. The judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

TEDxCasey Video Competition

Video Competition

TEDxCasey Video Competition

Download the competition poster for your school.

Video Competition

Entries Close at midnight on the 14th April. Remember to get your entry in on time!

Looking for an opportunity to get involved with TEDxCasey?

Now’s your chance. Enter into our Video Competition and you have the chance to have your video played on the screen during TEDxCasey!

Who can enter?


What to enter?

Step 1: Create a short film, stop motion, animation, a song or interpretive dance or anything else that can be recorded onto video. Our theme of “Two Hands” must be shared in some way (no matter how creative you get with that)

Step 2: Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or somewhere that you can send a public link.

Step 3: Fill out the form below and share the link to your video before the end of the 14th April 2019.

What happens then?

We will share the entries on our social media sites so make sure that you either own the copyright to any music or photos you use or show that you have rights to use it.
The main purpose of the competition is to share your creativity with the local community but there will be prizes and  the opportunity for up to 2 minutes of fame as your video is shared on the TEDxCasey Screen. 

Terms and Conditions


Entry Form

Mediation Institute

Mediation Institute

Mediation Institute is on a mission to end family violence and abusive workplace behaviour. It’s a big job, so we’re hard at work training and supporting dispute resolution professionals throughout Australia and the world. Mediation, at it’s best, is a process where people involved in disputes are empowered to solve their own problems, rather than relying on lawyers and judges to make decisions about their lives for them.

Visit www.mediationinstitute.edu.au to find out more about this sponsor.

We believe completely in the power of talking, sharing points of views and exploring differences in a respectful way.

When a common understanding and a shared vision is established, the magic of collaboration can happen. Collaboration can transform disputes into new opportunities and bring different people together to change the world (for the better).

That is why we are passionate supporters of TED and TEDx.

The team at Mediation Institute are working against the tide of prejudice, intolerance and disrespect that gets too much attention by helping to bring to the TEDx stage the visionaries in our community with ideas worth spreading.

We are proud to sponsor and support the very first TEDxCasey and support the “Two Hands” theme which for us talks about practical applications and collaboration.

Clearly Talking

clearly talking

Clearly Talking helps aspiring speakers to become inspiring

We are honoured to be assisting TEDxCasey in preparing this talented group of speakers give their talks at this year’s TEDxCasey event. Congratulations to everyone selected – you were up against a tough field and good luck as you share your ideas on this amazing platform.

Clearly Talking helping people communicate for over twelve years.

Public speaking is often cited as people’s number one fear so it’s reasonable to feel nervous about having to give a presentation in front of colleagues or speak at a conference. We are not naturally equipped to be speakers; in fact some of our human instincts can work against this.

Everyone has something worth sharing –
but it don’t always seem like that
Everyone has something interesting to say –
but it doesn’t always sound like that
Everyone has something in their heart to give –
but it doesn’t always feel like that

Business owners and professionals are often excellent at what they do but lack the ability to communicate this with passion and enthusiasm to an audience. The key is to identify and share your passion for your subject and communicate that effectively with your audience. 

In addition to physical aspects of public speaking, like breath control, speech writing, posture and projection, we believe that being more authentic is a fundamental skill all presenters must learn.

To achieve this we work on three key areas:

Your Values:                   having a good understanding of the intangible things in life that are important to you

Your Strengths:            knowing what you’re good at and how these align with your values

Your Emotions:             understanding how to connect with other people and persuade them that you are worth believing.

To be a good speaker, you need all three to be working well for you. 

Find out more: www.clearlytalking.com