Jordana Borensztajn – 2022 TEDxCasey Speaker

Jordana Borensztajn

Jordana’s mission in life is to uplift, empower and inspire others with confidence, laughter, creativity and joy. 

She is vibrant, dynamic and high-energy, and in her TEDx Talk Jordana will inspire you to re-imagine your world filled with more magic, wonder and play.   

More about Jordana

Jordana is a keynote speaker, public speaking trainer, humourist, social media strategist, author and now … a magician. 

Jordana has performed two sold-out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She’s also written a gorgeous illustrated children’s book called You Are The Magic as well as two business marketing books. All  three are proudly displayed on her Mum’s coffee table. 

In the past Jordana was a News Corp Australia Journalist and she worked at Nova Entertainment as Online Music Editor, Content Producer and Social Media Manager.  

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