Dheeren Velu

Dheeren Velu

Dheeren Velu seeks to create a deep interest in the community about how AI can be leveraged to build impactful solutions for the world. He specialises in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive computing fields. Dheeren advises enterprises and organisations on adopting A.I. technologies to implement innovative and game-changing solutions. He was a former IBM Watson AI Solutions Leader and a key contributor to some of the earliest large scale AI implementations in Australia. Dheeren was recently announced as the ICT Professional of the Year by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), recognising and acknowledging his contribution made to the Australian IT profession.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can automatically sense and understand their environment, reason, infer and take action in response. This powerful technology is rapidly being adopted and applied in large enterprises and corporate environments. It will create new opportunities to fix some of the pressing societal problems related to health, sustainability, conservation, accessibility, and much more. Currently, there is also a significant spotlight on various concerns related to this new technology, ranging from potential job loss to privacy and safety issues to ethical issues and biases. Whilst it’s essential to raise general awareness on safety and ethical risk associated, we must also ensure that social good does not become an afterthought, but that the technology is applied in contexts where the need for it is most urgent and its potential impact is highest.

AI is a paradigm-changing technology that can solve previously unsolvable problems.

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