Danyal Diallo
TEDxCasey Speaker

Danyal Diallo

Social Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker 

At just sixteen when he spoke at TEDxCasey Danyal was school captain, running his own business and with his eyes firmly fixed on his aspiration to be a motivational speaker. After hearing him speak we know that nothing will stop him from achieving his goals. 

When we think in stereotypes we stop seeing people as they really are.

Sixteen year old Danyal Diallo was in year twelve at Chairo Christian School in Packenham and had already established his own online business in the fitness industry when he spoke on the TEDxCasey stage in 2019.

In his talk on Breaking the Stereotypes Danyal shared a powerful story of how the perceptions of others can shape our sense of self.

He talked about his own journey of realisation that the stereotypes that others tried to impose on him (us) can actually become our own excuses hold us back from reaching our full potential. 

He showed through his own personal journey from denying his identity to avoid being judged to standing up proudly to acknowledge heritage that our power is located in being true to ourselves. 

Danyal has chosen to live a life of no excuses and invites us all, young and old, healthy or not, to also make the best of the opportunities we do have. 

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