Dr. Evita March

Dr Evita March is a senior lecturer and researcher of psychology. Her research interests include interpersonal relationships, cyberpsychology and personality; specifically, personality traits that predict perpetration of online antisocial behaviours. Her work on predicting the personality traits and motivations of internet ‘trolls’ was an Australian first study, and she has received both national and international recognition for her research on Cyber Hate.

Evita is also currently involved in projects exploring intimate partner cyber-stalking and the propensity for intimate partner violence. Evita believes that understanding traits that predict engaging in online antisocial behaviours is imperative for development of effective interventions and treatment. Evita has a series of research studies that explore predictors of antisocial online behaviour – in particular trolling. She has developed an intervention and prevention program based on her research focused on cybersafety for adolescents.

Evita is currently a member of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences and the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists.

Higher levels of trait sadism, higher levels to trait psychopathy, the motivation to cause social mayhem, and affective empathy deficits are significant predictors of trolling behaviour.

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