Clearly Talking helps aspiring speakers to become inspiring

We are honoured to be assisting TEDxCasey in preparing this talented group of speakers give their talks at this year’s TEDxCasey event. Congratulations to everyone selected – you were up against a tough field and good luck as you share your ideas on this amazing platform.

Clearly Talking helping people communicate for over twelve years.

Public speaking is often cited as people’s number one fear so it’s reasonable to feel nervous about having to give a presentation in front of colleagues or speak at a conference. We are not naturally equipped to be speakers; in fact some of our human instincts can work against this.

Everyone has something worth sharing –
but it don’t always seem like that
Everyone has something interesting to say –
but it doesn’t always sound like that
Everyone has something in their heart to give –
but it doesn’t always feel like that

Business owners and professionals are often excellent at what they do but lack the ability to communicate this with passion and enthusiasm to an audience. The key is to identify and share your passion for your subject and communicate that effectively with your audience. 

In addition to physical aspects of public speaking, like breath control, speech writing, posture and projection, we believe that being more authentic is a fundamental skill all presenters must learn.

To achieve this we work on three key areas:

Your Values:                   having a good understanding of the intangible things in life that are important to you

Your Strengths:            knowing what you’re good at and how these align with your values

Your Emotions:             understanding how to connect with other people and persuade them that you are worth believing.

To be a good speaker, you need all three to be working well for you. 

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