TED Playlists

TED Playlists

Looking for inspiriation? TED Playlists are curated talks on a wide variety of topics ranging from the top 25 most popular TED Talks of all time to 14 talks about how to be a better you.

The power of why

The Power of Why

Bill Holmes shares his passion about preventing mistakes. People make mistakes. The good news is that to some extent the way we make mistakes is predictable. You can make better choices, when it matters, by using the power of why.

The best tool to combat cyber abuse

The best tool to combat cyber abuse

Dr. Evita March presented her research that has led to the finding that the increase on cyber abuse can be explained by a lack of a crucial humanistic trait. She shares the best tool to combat cyber abuse and cure this growing social cancer.

Get some skin in the age

Get some skin in the game

Artificial Intelligence has the power to fix some of society’s most pressing problems, but like all new technologies raises concerns. Dheeren Velu is adamant that our fear must not overtake our vision.

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