Bill Holmes
TEDxCasey Speaker

Bill Holmes

CEO and Reliability Engineer 

Bill has decades of experience in reliability engineering. He is also a  pilot and pilot instructor. He’s passionate about helping to improve problems solving and preventing preventable mistakes. 

The good news is that the way that people make mistakes is to some extent predictable.

In his 2019 TEDxCasey talk Bill Holmes shares his passion for problem solving and our fast and slow thinking modes that explain why we sometimes make preventable mistakes. 

Unlike most engineers Bill has spent an unusual amount of time working to connect other engineers and people in industry to share learning and to adopt predictable processes.

His built an international business called SIRF Roundtables to facilitate shared learning, industry bench marking and problem solving.  Most recently he has focused his attention on the harm caused by preventable mistakes.  

His concern is that if failures requiring remedial work are allowed to fester and repeat within an organisation then valuable, finite resources are wasted and lives are put at risk.  

Elimination of repeating problems can only happen if the true causes of failure are treated.

In his 2019 TEDxCasey Talk Bill explained how our brains trick us and give us rapid, intuitive answers that are sometimes wrong.  He challenges you to take a moment longer and fire up your conscious mind rather than just relying on intuition that can sometimes trick us into making preventable mistakes.  

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