Ayman Khan

About Me.

Ayman Khan

A life without fear ... of food.

My name is Ayman Khan. I want to Warn young women about the dangers of diet culture.

I am a 17 year old student at Minaret College, Officer Campus. I will be talking about the damage and destruction that diet culture can bring into our lives. 

 I want to share my insights about how damaging a focus on eating and diet can become and things we can all do to help prevent unhealthy relationships with food.  

Why does your idea matter to you?

I have an insiders view ...

of what it is like when your image of your body and what your body needs to be healthy is lost and the strength and hard work needed to regain your health.

How would you describe yourself?

Being Kind and Caring

Being kind and caring is an important virtue which I proudly carry. I want to help other women and girls to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, ditch the diet regulations that is becoming so common and followed religiously. Along with taking care of themselves and anyone they know fighting with eating disorder and body image issues.

How does who you are contribute to what you want to share?

I have first hand knowledge

I have lived with and suffered because of the negative effects of the diet culture. Effects which clung to me tenaciously. If my talk helps influence anyone's opinon of anorexia and body image, I will be grateful.

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