This page is intended for volunteers who will be part of the team on the day of the event. 

The page password is TEDxCaseyOTD which you already know because you are here but you will have to put the password in every time you come back so remember it!

We recommend you make a secure note with the page link and password in your phone. 


We will be using Slack as well as phone and text messages on the day.

Slack for group messages and either slack or phone and text for individual direct messages.

Briefing Session Pack (not yet completed)

Click to download the briefing session pack. It will only be available in soft copy to view on your devices and not handed out in printed format.

Team Meeting - Induction and Onboarding

This session is held the week before to make sure that all of the team are locked in for the event and know your roles.

If you can't join in person but will be available on the day you can join us via video meeting.

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