1. Public Expressions of Interest are now closed for TEDxCasey 2020.

What was the application process?

Glad you asked! 

TEDxCasey is a locally organised independent TED event and we are keen to make sure that our speakers are talking about ideas that matter to those of us living in City of Casey, Cardinia Shire and down on the Peninsula. 

We open up expressions of interest from the public to see who is out there and wants to be part of TEDxCasey. 

This process invites many more applicants than can be successful, and we understand that is really disappointing for people who had envisioned themselves on the stage at Bunjil Place.

What is the curation process?


The selection process for speakers is a team effort by our curation team.

We are looking for four things:

  1. the seed of an idea that we think is going to be of interest to our community. Does your application intrigue us and make us want to know more?
  2. Are you entertaining? Have you presented as someone who has the confidence to speak passionately about their ideas and engage an audience. Or do you use humour as a hook to connect people? If your audition video doesn’t have any spark you may not make it this year.
  3. How does each application compare to others? Sometimes we have multiple similar ideas and so have to look for the strongest applicant or a fresh approach the will bring a different perspective to the conversation.  
  4. Where are you.  We get applicants from all over and have to let you know that we have a bias towards locals.  Partly because they don’t just know what our community is interested in, they are our community. Also because we will be meeting a number of times during the coaching and preparation process and travel time is a consideration.  That doesn’t mean we will discount a strong applicant if they are out of the area but it does mean that they have to be very appealing.

The original concept of TED was Technology, Entertainment and Design although it has broadened out over the years

Speaker Expressions of Interests officially closed on the 23rd November 2019

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